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> Session replay & deck is typically available to registered participants
> within a few days after the session...
> *Getting the Maximum Value Out of Tradeshows – An “Intelligence” Approach*
> Thursday, May 23, 2013 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
> With the SLA conference coming up, wouldn’t you like to learn how to learn
> as much as possible from it?  Even if you can’t attend?  In this one hour
> webinar learn how by using leading edge concepts and techniques from
> competitive intelligence you can gather as much information during an event
> as you could in a year. Trade show intelligence collection is an
> opportunity to gather the most competitive information in the shortest
> amount of time for the least amount of money. By planning systematically
> and ethically, a solo intelligence gatherer or a team can leverage their
> information gathering potential in order to provide decision-makers
> actionable intelligence about their competitive environment. Including,
> market trends, new technologies, market opportunities, competitor plans and
> products and much more.
> LEARNING OBJECTIVES – for San Diego 2013 specifically, or other events you
> may be involved with..
> ·         What is event intelligence, the concepts and techniques
> ·         Why the approach makes sense
> ·         Tips on how to do event intelligence
> ·         Your role in event intelligence even when you are not there –
> before, during & after
> ·         How you put this into practice in San Diego or elsewhere...
> Jonathan Calof is a professor of International Business and Strategy at
> the Telfer School of Management at University of Ottawa and co-leads the
> schools business analytics program.  He has led trade show and conference
> missions around the world and has helped several companies and government
> agencies enhance their intelligence capabilities. Jonathan has a regular
> column on event intelligence in Competitive Intelligence Magazine and
> co-edited the popular book Conference and Trade Show Intelligence.
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Thanks & Best Regards,
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