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SNA Survey Questionnaire
Dear Sunbelt participant,
We would like to kindly ask you to dedicate few minutes of your time to fill in this brief questionnaires on your perception of the field of social network analysis, and your participation to it. Our scope is to map the current structure of the field by identifying influential clusters, peer relationships, personal affiliations and helpful people. We aim to do this by asking questions about your general opinion about the field, together with more contextual information about your experience of the Sunbelt.
Your participation is essential for the successful outcome of the research. As you might be aware, the information you are willing to provide cannot be anonymous: in order to construct the whole network, we need to have access to the names of each respondent to the questionnaire. However, the information collected will only be used for academic purposes.We are collecting questionnaires through boxes at the registration desk.
You can also fill in the questionnaire electronically and send it to us using one of the emails provided below.
For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for your participation!
Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester
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Vanina Torlo’, University of Greenwich
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Please indicate your name


Please indicate your surname


Please indicate your gender
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Year of birth

Please indicate your year of birth, eg: 1976

Institutional affiliation

4.	Which institution are you affiliated with? (Please provide the full name, eg: University of Manchester UK, Microsoft, and the like)

Institutional affiliation: type

What kind of institution is it?
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Public Institution (eg. Government, Army)
Private Institution (eg. Firm)
Not for profit (eg. NGO, charity)

What is your role/position/nature of contract?
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Undergraduate/Master student
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Post-doc/research assistant/research associate/research fellow/any other temporary research position
Permanent research position
Temporary lectureship
Permanent member of staff
(For non-academic) Full time/Part time permanently employed 
Volunteer/any other non-paid position

Which is your discipline/area of interest?

Supervisors/committe chair

If you hold a phd, or are a phd student, who were/are your supervisors/committee chairs/tutors? Please indicate name and surname of all of them.

Influential people

Thinking about the area of social network analysis in general, and your specific disciplinary affiliation, who would you consider being the most influential people in the field? These can be anyone who published in the area, regardless of the discipline. They could have advanced the field from a theoretical, a methodological, or an applicative point of view. You do not have to personally know them, and they do not have to be alive. Simply mention people whose work you find influential, useful or inspirational. Please provide up to 10 names, clearly indicating both name and surname.

Useful people

Thinking about the people you have discussed SNA with, both for your studies, your research, your work, or even out of curiosity, who have been particularly influential, useful, inspirational for your personal experiences (excluding your phd supervisors, where applicable)? Think about possible mentors, people you met at previous conferences, instructors of method courses, or even simply people you have contacted via emails for advices. Please provide up to 10 names, clearly indicating both name and surname.

Social people

Now thinking about the Sunbelt, who do you normally socialise with outside the sessions? Think about people you would go for dinner with, have a coffee break, go for a drink, organise activities in your free time. If it is your first time at the Sunbelt, and you happen not to know anyone, please indicate if you have socialised with anyone in particular so far, either during the conferences breaks, over lunch, for dinners, at the hospitality suit. Please provide up to 10 names, clearly indicating both name and surname.

Other people

Are there any other people in the field that you would like to mention? And if so, can you please indicate, next to their name, the reasons for the mentions and/or their relationship with you? Please provide up to 10 names (if applicable), clearly indicating both name and surname.

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