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SNA Survey Questionnaire

Dear Socnetters,now that the Sunbelt is over, we still would like to hear from you.
We designed the following questionnaire to map the current structure of the field by identifying influential clusters, peer relationships, personal affiliations and helpful people. We aim to do this by asking questions about your general opinion about the field, together with more contextual information about your experience of the Sunbelt, or of any other network conference.
Therefore, even if you were not at the last sunbelt, we would still like to kindly ask you to dedicate few minutes of your time to fill in this brief questionnaires on your perception of the field of social network analysis, and your participation to it.
Your participation is essential for the successful outcome of the research. We have already managed to collect around 150 answers, but we will keep the survey open for a while, trying to reach a larger group of people. As you might be aware, the information you are willing to provide cannot be anonymous: in order to construct the whole network, we need to have access to the names of each respondent to the questionnaire. However, the information collected will only be used for academic purposes.
You can fill in the questionnaire electronically by simply answering the questions below and submitting it. The questionnaire link is also available on facebook (Elisa Belisa) and twitter (@INSNA2011 @SocNetAnalysts @uksna #insna #sunbelt13). Please spread it around to whoever you think may be interested in filling it.
For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for your participation!
Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester
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Vanina Torlo’, University of Greenwich
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