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Hi all,

Wanted to let you know that after a year or more of not being available online, the following social network software are once again available for trial use at http://socioworks.com:

- EgoNet for egocentric data collection, analysis and visualization (past bugs fixed); similar to Chris McCarty's excellent free Java-based EgoNet available on sourceforge.net

- VisuaLyzer for flexible visualization and analysis of networks (including boolean operations and relation algebra for exploring graphs), plus creation of random networks

- LinkAlyzer for joining together networks using user-specified node overlap criteria

- SocioScope (new) for data collection using check-off lists, plus simple visualization

- SocioWorks (new; https://socioworks.mdlogix.com/) web-based social network survey software that also includes study, facility and personnel management. actually, it can do most any kind of survey--doesn't have to be network-oriented (available in July)

Kind regards,

Eric C Jones
Director of Social Network Products
Medical Decision Logic, Inc.

Research Scientist
UNC Greensboro Department of Anthropology

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