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Hi all
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Thanks for you help

Our name generator (part of an online survey with 2,000+ respondents) produced an average of about 7 close contacts per respondents (including people living with the respondents) and we wonder whether there are any recent (or fairly recent) studies reporting the average size of personal networks in the UK to compare with. It appears that similar studies in other European have produced much larger personal networks and for this reason our survey has been criticised for not giving a precise account of personal networks in the UK.

Our name generator question was: Please now consider the people (above 14 years of age) who are part of your social circle. In order to identify them, please consider those people who you have regular contact with, and/or who are the most important to you, and/or who you would want help to discuss personal matters, and/or who you can trust, and/or those you really enjoy socialising with.

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