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> I've been tasked, on very short notice, to find a vendor for all-steel
> shelving (new or used) for archives storage in the Los Angeles/San
> Bernardino County area. If anyone has had recent experience with a vendor
> in this area whom they would recommend, I would be grateful to hear from
> you.
> Michael Palmer, MLIS
> Consulting Archivist

With you being in California, I'd be more concerned with the quality of the
product and the vendor's experience with meeting seismic standards for
storage of load bearing shelving for YOUR location, rather than THEIR
location.  Close is nice, but convenience isn't always your safest option.

I'd also be a bit concerned about any used shelving- the shelving clips may
be expanded a bit from assembly/dis-assembly/reassembly, etc.  Also you'd
need to purchase new clips for floor mounting, and any bracing required to
tie the units together and/or to the walls. Lastly, if you purchase
anything used, be careful that after shipping nothing has been "twisted or
tweaked", which may weaken the shelving once installed.

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