Hi Priscilla et al,


Looks pretty much like H parva to me, but Gustav's suggestion to run a sequence is excellent as this will enable you to check of the following list for H. parva:

- appearance: OK

- habitat: OK

- behavoir: OK

- ossicles: to be checked

- COI: to be checked


Best wishes,


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Hi Pricilla – You could (or we could for you) run a COI DNA sequence on the animal also.  That would allow another way to compare IDs in addition to what the ossicles show.  Cheers – Gustav



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Hello every body 

I need your help to identify this species from Mangrove biotop in Madagascar.





Pricilla Rakotoarisoa
Doctorante en Biologie Marine
Université de Mons

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Dear  Alex,

Felicitation  for this excellent paper. Obviously, large, abundant and  coloured holothurian species are still to be discovered.

Best regards

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Gday aspidolist,

Pls find attached a description of a new sp of Holothuria from the western Pacific.

Thanks to all for sending specimens and photo records.


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