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I would like to inform you about a Gallery of protest Twitter network
snapshots until today that you may see at:

Here is the slide show:

These are snapshots of Twitter networks created by RTweeting Tweets
under certain trending hashtags sampled at various time slots of short
duration after June 2, 2013, almost daily. The content of these tweets
refers to the ingoing protest events in Turkey in summer 2013.

Actually, we are working on a project, in which we intend to do
various network analyses and to give proper political and cultural
interpretations of the protest networks observed through the patterns
of Twitter communication compiled in our datasets. In addition to
these network snapshots, we are collecting streaming Twitter data on
these events, which are really Big Data in size. When written, a first
report and the final manuscript documenting the results of our project
will be posted here.

However, those of you who are interested in assisting in improving
these network visualizations (or otherwise give us constructive
suggestions about the forthcoming network analyses of such Big Data)
are welcomed to collaborate with us. Please, contact me if you're
interested in this.

Valdis? Lothar? Vlado? Skye? (Just mentioning a few colleagues who are
in the network visualization area and apologies if I might have
forgotten anybody else in the socnet community.)

All the best,


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