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Many of you will find this conference we are hosting at Northeastern this
Fall of interest-- should be fun, and would be great to have a robust
contingent of socnetters.  Alas, deadline is coming up fast (abstracts due
this Friday).  dl


With well over a billion people as members, today's online social networks
(OSN) pervade all aspects of our daily lives. OSNs have grown beyond
platforms for social communication and news dissemination, to indispensable
tools for professional networking, social recommendations, and online
content curation. Their usage has influenced today's societal and cultural
issues, and changed the way we see ourselves and communicate with each

Not surprisingly, study and research in OSNs is highly interdisciplinary,
and participants include researchers from networking and systems, databases
and data mining, security and privacy, and modeling and analysis. For a
number of years, researchers have published in disparate venues focused in
their own areas, and have lacked a common platform to congregate and
exchange ideas. This has limited communication between like-minded
researchers, and led to repeated and sometimes conflicting results across
disjoint venues.

The COSN (Conference on Online Social Networks) is organized with this
challenge in mind. Our goal is to provide a premier publication venue that
features high quality research from academia and industry across multiple
disciplines focused around the study of OSNs. Of particular interest are
works that focus on systems, security and privacy, graphs, data management,
analysis, and data mining. We solicit papers in broad areas relevant to the
design, analysis and development of OSNs.


David Lazer *(pronounced as if it were Lazar)
Professor of Political Science and Computer and Information Science,
Northeastern University
Co-Director, NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks
Director, Program on Networked Governance, Harvard University


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