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Hello All,

I am wondering if someone can help me out with an issue I have in my  
research. I have data on information sources from a name interpreter  
question. This question asked if they had heard of, read, think the  
source is reputable and if they agree with the source of information  
on a certain issue (valued data). It also includes sources that are  
supportive of the issue and sources that disagree with the issue at  
hand (+/- data). I want to show that sources of information are  
correlated to beliefs and concerns on the issue and that groups may  
form around these based on where people get their information.

I ran across the use of SVD in a couple manuscripts and it seems very  
promising but my searches are not showing wide utilization. It seems  
that the mathematics camp is more supportive of the technique? I am  
wondering if you all can help point me to more literature or maybe  
even give me some advice on if I should abandon this and focus  
elsewhere or should I pursue it with gusto? Part of my issue is my  
time-line for my dissertation so I could also abandon this for more  
familiar techniques and then try SVD with my data in an attempt for a  
paper later?

Any replies will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

Derric Jacobs, MPP
PhD candidate: Environmental Sciences
301 Gilkey Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
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Cell: 541-979-2652

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