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Dear Mason and fellow Socnetters

It was interesting to read  Frank Harary's recent bio and to learn from it
that  mathematicians tend to almost completely ignore Harary's work (also
his purely mathematical contributions) oriented toward 'social'
applications, as well as his ties (by the way, can someone reconstruct
Harary's ego-network -  restricted to collaborators in the social
sciences?) with the circle of researchers who worked (in Ann Arbor,
Michigan) under the banner of 'Group Dynamics' (the 2nd edition of the
collection of papers  so entitled, ed. by Cartwright and Zander, has
Cartwright and Harary's paper: 'Structural Balance: A Generalization of
Heider's Theory').

Harary's mathematical biography should at least mention his first paper on
'signed graphs' ('On the Notion of Balance of a Signed Graph', Michigan
Math. Journal, 1953), which was the basis for the paper with Catrwright.

Let me mention in this connection Harary's two other contributions to SNA
that are not included in the bibliography in Freeman's  book ('The
Development of SNA', 2004), namely, 'Cosi fan tutte: a Sstructural Study',
Psychological Reports 13, 1963; 'A Structural Analysis of the Situation in
the Middle East in 1956', J. of Conflict Resolution, 1961. The second
paper inspired me to carry out (in my unpubished Ph.D. thesis on signed
graphs) a similar analysis (a signed graph as a model of friendly-hostile
relation in a set of nation-states) for Falklands conflict.

On my meeting with Harary in London during the 1995 Sunbelt - see section
12 (pp. 17-19) of my unpublished paper [Once More on Translating
INSNA...), the 'strangest paper I have ever written' that is available on
my personal website in the file delingua.pdf

Tad Sozanski
(see Miscellanea for the 'strangest paper').

> Hi,
> I just noticed that my favorite online source for mini-biographies added
an entry for Frank Harary last month (and I thought that some of you might
> be interested in this):
> This does focus on his mathematical side, given the intended audience
> the biography, but hopefully you'll still find it interesting.
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