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Mason, Moses

Maybe you are right that I have exaggerated by saying that 'mathematicians
tend to  ignore...' instead of 'the author of the note failed to notice' 
that the top figure in graph theory had so deep interest in the social
sciences. I did not precede the noun in plural with 'all', 'most' or
'few', 'a couple of', or so, as I simply don't know (I would like to know)
how many mathematicians (or just those who deal with gragh theory) share
the image of Frank Harazy that was presented in the biographical note I
read, that is, the image without a trait that seems to me important.


> Tad,
> I recommend that you contact the authors of that biography and pass this
information along to them.  I am sure that they will be happy to receive
feedback (though I also believe that their practice includes updating
only on very slow time scales, so it is admittedly unlikely that this
> yield a change in the article).
> Note that in this case it was a couple of specific mathematicians who
ignored that work in their biography rather than mathematicians in
general. :)  I did note in advance pretty explicitly that the biography
did not contain a complete picture, so globally I agree with you.
> it would have been nice for certain additional items to be in there,
though I won't commit on the specifics the way you have, as I merely
> that biography (and your note) as an interested observer and don't feel
that I have enough knowledge to make such a claim.  Perhaps someone else
will take up the task of writing a short biography of Harary that
> more balanced.
> -----
> Mason

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