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Barry/Nick reminded us of XKCD's take on the physics takeover (, but as a (former) graph theorist I couldn't help thinking of this one as well:



PS On a slightly more serious note, and as much as I am in the Socnet-camp in this debate, I find the physics-bashing that occurs on Socnet every now and then just as off-putting as physicists' ignorance of other fields. Setting aside the fact that many social network researchers are probably no saints either when it comes to acknowledging other disciplines (there are exceptions of course, just like there are with physicists), it blinds people from seeing many useful advances that *are* being made in physics (and computer science for that matter). Models of citation networks and co-authorship networks have increased our understanding of the sociology of science, the many advances in community detection algorithms can be used for the study of groups, physicists have developed useful models of human mobility and crowd dynamics etc. etc. etc. There *is* a lot of good stuff out there.

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