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The political dimensions of Prism, Stellar Wind, etc., are ironic.


While liberals and progressives, the political bent of many academics, scholars and universities, embrace and nurture Big Government and statism, they do not have a response when it is proven, over and over, to be a wholly defective, failed and harmful concept. Thus, as we point out, they remain silent. It is not puzzling; it’s pathetic.   


Meanwhile, conservatives and reactionaries, the sworn enemy of statism, seems to have less a problem with widespread surveillance. Once a nut job always a nut job.


The political dilemmata are positively delicious.


The fastest way to correct an out-of-control bureaucracy is, of course, to starve-the-beast. The fastest way to restore democracy is to make the watched the watchers.


Concerning the second remedy, a public, open National SNA Network could be formed to use applied SNA to watch government. It would be a taste of their own bitter medicine. The data are there. Just need the motivation.   


“Most bad government results from too much government.” - Thomas Jefferson



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