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The fastest way to restore democracy is to make the watched the watchers.


Concerning the second remedy, a public, open National SNA Network could be formed to use applied SNA to watch government. It would be a taste of their own bitter medicine. The data are there. Just need the motivation.   

The motivation is there and the watchers are being watched.

Individuals, such as Snowden, Assange, Applebaum, are watching and talking and flipping the power dynamic back on itself.

The problem is not the network--the transparency activists have strong ties between each other and numerous weak ties thanks to platforms such as twitter. The problem is that the network is not a social group.     It is still only connected individuals.

And individuals are easy to target as *national security threats*, as *traitors* or as *spies*. 

Right now there are social activists. What is needed is a social movement. That means that everyone needs to watch the watchers and speak about what they see. And that starts with creating at least a discussion on a lil ole listserv...silence serves speak 


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