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Quantifying Success @ ECCS'13

Barcelona, September 18th 2013. Co-located with ECCS'13

Important dates:
* Abstract submission deadline: July 8th 2013
* Notification of acceptance: July 29th 2013
* Satellite date: September 18th 2013

Submit your contribution through this easychair link 

Stefan Bornholdt,* University of Bremen (Germany)
J. Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford (UK) and Santa Fe Institute (NM, USA) 
Jure Leskovec, Stanford University (CA, USA)
Alexander Petersen, IMT - Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca (Italy)
Sidney Redner,* Boston University (MA, USA)
Jessika Trancik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA, USA)
Taha Yasseri, University of Oxford (UK)  

* To be confirmed

László BarabásiRoberta SinatraChaoming SongDashun Wang

More details:
You are cordially invited to submit an abstract to "Quantifying Success", satellite of ECCS'13 (, to take place in Barcelona, on September 18th 2013. 

Outliers are everywhere. Think about google on the web, a highly cited paper in scientific enterprise, most influential inventions/patents, the popularity of a hashtag in twitter, the “gangnam style” video on youtube, most productive workers in an organization. All these are examples of success. What makes high-achievers different? How did they get there? What are the quantitative patterns behind these outliers? How does social dynamics drive success? When success is attributed collectively, as in the case of highly cited papers, what is the role of the network? Is success “contagious”?

This satellite meeting will be an opportunity to discuss different approaches to quantify success across different scientific domains, with a main focus on data-driven approaches. 'Quantifying success' is by nature an interdisciplinary meeting and will bring together researchers from a broad range of disciplines such as physics, mathematics, social sciences, computer science, economy and management science. Particular attention will be devoted to the following topics:

- Dynamics of impact 
- Citation dynamics of papers and patents 
- Adoption and success of products and technologies 
- Dynamics in social media, such as popularity of hashtags and viral videos 
- Temporal evolution of rankings in a system 
- Career success and longevity in different professions 
- Role of networks in success

The satellite accepts two kinds of contributions: contributed talks (~ 8 contributed talks) and poster slam, i.e. a three minute presentation with slides + a poster to be presented during a reception. Participants interested to contribute to the satellite are invited to submit via easychair an abstract of maximum 2 pages in PDF format, specifying title of the contribution, author(s), affiliation(s) and e-mail address(es). Figures and references are welcome, if fitting in the two pages limit.  

Link for contribution:

The authors of the accepted abstracts will be notified by e-mail by July 29th 2013. All participants in the satellite have to register for ECCS'13 here.

More information are available at:

Kind Regards, 

Roberta Sinatra
(on behalf of the organizers) 

Roberta Sinatra, PhD

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Center for Complex Network Research
Northeastern University
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