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Sent:  6/5/2013 8:35:51 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: St Augustine Flycatcher  ID notes

This bird was seen from around 2pm today and was still there at  8pm. 
Please GOOGLE for directions.  When you get to the  entrance, go 
through the pay station and check all of the power lines  before reaching the 
restrooms.  The bird was hanging out just  above a gray fence with a trash 
dumpster behind it on the right on the power  lines.

We will have someone checking at sunrise and update the  lists.

Field  Notes: found by Diane Reed: 6/5/2013,  between 2 & 3pm 
Weather:  Constant drizzle
Size:  smaller than Great-crested Flycatcher which landed  next to him.
Smaller  than Mockingbird
Bill:  Question size  -  seems small. Bicolored bill, lower mandible very 
light  colored.
Head: Mostly solid dark crown, possible tiny white median crown slit, 
appears  tufted.
Upper eye stripe wraps around head, whiskers present
Solid  malar stripe.
Perched erect, actively hawking insects, appears in no  distress.
Primary  projection roughly equal to vent.
Chest: Streaked chest with gap in middle
Tail: Possiby notched. Mostly  dark in middle with rufous sides.

Diane Reed
St  Augustine,  FL

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