I just talked to the Land Manager, at Lk Apopka and the o
All birders,

I just talked to the Land Manager, at Lk Apopka and the original email stating that the area where the Fork-tailed Flycatcher was found was only open to the public on Wednesday was erroneous.  She stated that it is always open for walking or biking just not driving or fishing.  At the parking area is a
kiosk for further reference.  Below are the directions posted by Bruce Anderson on Wednesday July 17th.

Directions: The bird is south of Jones Road in Zellwood. If you are traveling west 
on Jones Road from Hwy 441, travel past the buildings on both sides 
after turning on to Jones Ave., and you will see ponds on the south 
(left) side of the road. There is a parking lot there where you may 
drive in and park. Normally, you may not go south of these ponds. TODAY, ONLYyou may follow the dirt road farther to the south by foot or bicycle. 
Eventually, it will make a sharp turn west (to the right). Then very 
shortly after you make this turn, there is an obvious grass road to the 
left (south). Take the grass road and continue down it to the second set of utility wires on the right. It was on these wires that the flycatcher was perched with a Gray 
Kingbird (a good county bird for those of you keeping county lists). I 
am not familiar with this route and hope that I understood Harry's 

Jim Eager
Cape Canaveral, FL

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