One of the aspects that I enjoy about our profession is the opportunity to collaborate with other departments and disciplines.  Every organization is different, so there is no single "one-size-fits-all" approach to how RM is integrated into the business workflow and org chart.  However, I have found the relationship between a SME (subject matter expert) and a records management professional to be common.  I believe this could be the core of how RM interacts with organization.  According to the "RM Bible" (page 99, Information and Records Management; Robek, Brown, et al.): "The records management team, consisting of the records manager, owners of the records involved, and professional staff, is responsible for developing the file plan..."

How would you describe the responsbilities and dutes of both the SME and a records management professional in creating a file plan or classification system?

As a newly minted CRM, I have a clear opinion to my own answer.  However, the ICRM Code of Ethics states "CRM's shall use all reasonable care to obtain factual evidence to support their opinion."  This posting is part of my research to obtain that factual evidence.  I have already searched the listserv archives, and will continue to look into other resources, such as "The Principles," Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and ISO 15489.  Fun times!

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