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If you’re planning on attending the APSA meetings in Chicago this weekend, here are the announcements from the Political Networks section.


**Please attend our free drink ticket distribution session (A.K.A. "business meeting") on Saturday, August 31 in Palmer House Salon 1, 6:15pm.  Casey Klofstad, section membership chair, will distribute free drink tickets to the first 30 attendees, good for one free drink at the reception that follows the meeting.

**Join us for our first section RECEPTION on Saturday, August 31 in Palmer House Salon 2, 7:30-9:00pm. 

**Stay tuned for a business meeting agenda, section updates, and the slate of section officer candidates to be voted on at the meeting. We'll distribute these bits of information next week.

**Please attend panels sponsored by our section and organized by APSA Section Chair, Mark Lubell.  A complete list can be found here, and is summarized below.

Thur., 8am Palmer House State Balroom, 4th Floor
Chair/Diss: Lorien Jasney
"The Missing Link?: Social Network Indicators and Empirical Analysis," Steven Childs, Benjamin Acosta
"Group Structure, Group Decisions, and Groupthink: A Conversational Analysis of Foreign Policy Decision Making Networks,"  Robert D. Duval, Arian Spahiu, Bret D. Wilson
"Regionalization and Global integrative Trends in International Governmental Organization Networks: Uncovering Hidden and Tensional Trends," Charlie Gomez, Paolo Parigi,
"Encoding Political Data in "Thick" Networks," David A. Meyer

Fri, 8am Palmer House Red Lacquer Room, 4th Floor
Chair/Diss: Casey Klofstad
"Does political discussion increase during a campaign?," Meredith Rolfe
"Mobilized by the Joneses? Examining Political Engagement in Neighborhoods," Todd Makse, Anand Edward Sokhey
"The Neighbor Effect: How Living Near a Voter Affects Turnout in Low, Middle, and High Socioeconomic Status Neighborhoods," Carrie Levan
"Deliberative Networks: Social Structure and Group Decision-Making," Anand Edward Sokhey, David A. Siegel, Scott D. McClurg

Fri, 2pm Palmer House Dearborn 2, 7th Floor
Chair/Diss: Justin H. Gross
"Strong Connections: Partisan and Revolving Door Ties in Lobbying Networks," Richard L. Hall, Geoffrey M. Lorenz
"Understanding Interactions Between Parties: A Latent Network Approach Using "Big Data"  Simon Weschle, Michael D. Ward
"Relational Political Culture: A Critique of Inglehart's Post-Materialist Thesis," Lorien Jasny
"Identifying Instrumental Variables with Bayesian Networks: A More Robust Causal Inference Strategy," Justin E. Esarey

Fri, 4:15pm Palmer House LaSalle 3, 7th Floor
Chair: Nils Ringe

Discussant: Steven S. Smith
"The Policy Ties of Factionalized Parties," Eduardo Aleman, Daniel Chasquetti
"Working Relationships: Content, Characteristics, and Cosponsorship in the U.S. House of Representatives," Nicole Kalaf-Hughes, Matthew Pietryka
"Addressing Congressional Partisan Polarization one Caucus at a Time," Nils Ringe, Jennifer Nicoll Victor
"Limiting Coordination: Institutional Constraints on Delegate Coordination in China's Local People's Congresses," Steven M. Oliver

Sat., 10:15am Palmer House Red Lacquer Room, 4th Floor
Chair/Diss: Clayton M. Nall
"Partisanship in a Social Setting," Samara Klar
"Experimental Study of Persuasion and Decision Making in Small Networks," Michael Gabbay, Justin Reedy, John Gastil
"Networks and Motivation: The Role of Social Network Heterogeneity in Instigating Greater Information Gathering," Lindsey C. Levitan, Julie Wronski
"Two Votes For the Price of One: Targeted Messages and Spillover Effects in Early Voting," Betsy Sinclair

Sat., 2pm Palmer House Water Tower Parlor, 6th Floor
Chair: Ramiro Berardo
Diss:  Mark Lubell
"Under Pressure: The influence of social networks on human rights abuses," David R. Davis,  Maya Wilson
"Structure of Policy Networks and Policy Change: A Longitudinal Case Study of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in Illinois," Sohee Kim, Goktug Morcol
"Cross-Regional Coinventorship," Mollie Taylor
"Cultivating Public Environmentalism," Sun-Young Kwak

Sat. 4:15pm Palmer House Hancock Parlor, 6th Floor
Chair: Matt Grossmann
Diss: Matt Grossmann & David Lazer
"Cue-Taking in Congress: Interest Group Signals from Dear Colleague Letters," Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Dino P. Christenson, Alison Craig
"Mapping The Structure of Washington Lobbying Networks Using LDA Reports," Timothy M. LaPira, Frank R. Baumgartner, Herschel F. Thomas
"Assessing the (Changing) Structure of Organised Interest Networks: Evidence from UK Public Policy Consultations," Darren R. Halpin, Robert Ackland
"Lobbying Credibility in a Policy Network," Michael T. Heaney
"SuperPACs: Coordination and electoral roles in the 2012 Federal Election Cycle," Suzanne M. Robbins

Sun., 10:15am Hilton Boulevard A, 2nd Floor
Chair: David Siegel
Diss: Meredith Rolfe
"The Effects of Shocks on International Networks: An Agent-Based Model and Empirical Implications," Zeev Maoz, Kyle Joyce
"Tell Me Who Your Friends Are: A Formal Model of International Network Formation and Effect," Olga Chyzh
"Interethnic Conflict, Incendiary Rumors, and the Networks that Help or Hurt," Jennifer M. Larson
"A Network Model of Insurgent Factional Dynamics," Michael Gabbay


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