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Hi all,


I have two fairly basic personal network analysis questions I’d appreciate some advice on:


1)Can anyone recommend the best way to compare density across a large number of personal networks when the size of each network is different? Is there a way to control for size when considering density? Or is it best to use degree? We know from other studies that density can be important in our study population, however we collected networks open endedly so network size varies from c.6-65. I was considering whether splitting network size into quartiles would control for size impacting density.


2) I’m looking for a good diversity index score. I have info  for age, gender and relationship (amongst other attributes) for every alter in each ego network. Ideally I would like one diversity score, perhaps which combined Standard deviation (for age), EI index (for gender) and number of different relationship types into an overall diversity value. I’m not sure that this makes sense however.


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