I found a calling Willow Flycatcher yesterday on August 21st.  It was 
seen at the Annex area south of Lucky Hammock, also know as the Frog 
Pond WEA.  The bird was found at the first speed bump after you pass the 
yellow electric gate.  It was mostly on the left side of the road but 
flew to the right side a couple of times.  There were at least two 
calling Alder Flycatchers in this area giving their "PIP" call.  The 
Willow Flycatcher has what I call a "WHIT" call. The Willow Flycatcher 
is molting so it is very ratty looking.

The Annex area is south of the main road going into Everglades National 
Park south of 9336, directions can be found here:

There was also a flock of 20-Black-bellied Whistling Ducks that flew 
by.  On the south side of 9336 just west of s.w. 217 ave were three 
Upland Sandpipers in the plowed field.

A photo and a sound recording can be found here:

Larry Manfredi
Homestead, FL
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