Dear Ahmed,  I’m sorry to raise your hopes; apparently I have sent to you all of the Panning translations that I have…..

Good hunting.  If you do happen to get a translation of his 1955 paper, I’d very much appreciate receiving a copy for our library!

Best wishes to you and your wife,  Dave.


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Dave thanks a million for your response. You see my student is revising also the genus Pseudocnus so we just realized that we will also need translation of Panning (1962). I will be much obliged if you could also help here. Thank you again for sending me translatios of Panning's other papers (1964, 1967, 1971). All were most useful for my Phd and thereafter. So please try to help further. Even Panning (1951/1953 - I am writng from home) will also be good if you can help. I apologize for this rather tall order but it will pay off before I make a move like you are contemplating. Best wishes to Doris.


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Hi Ahmed,  I may have had that translated...buit not sure until I get into the museum tomorrow.  I'll let you know.

Cheers, Dave.

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Hi everyone,

I am desperately looking for an English  Translation of Panning 1955  "Bemerkungen uber die Holothurien-Familie Cucumariidae (Ordnung Dendrochirota Hamburg. Zool. Mus. Inst. vol. 53". If you happen to have it, can you please forward it to me asap. I thank you in anticipation for  your kind assistance.

Kind regards,

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