Date:  September 11, 2013

To:    All UF Graduate Students, Coordinators and Staff

From:  UF Center for Leadership and Service

RE:    Gator Global Initiative

The UF Center for Leadership and Service is looking for graduate students to attend our Gator Global Initiative Conference and serve as small group facilitators. Gator Global Initiative (, a social impact conference, inspires students to find their passion and create change locally, nationally, and globally. Students will interact with each other and speakers to develop into socially responsible leaders within their community. Gator Global Initiative strives to create a knowledge-sharing space for like-minded individuals to foster a collaborative atmosphere towards action.

Serving as a small group facilitator allows graduate students to attend the conference, and participate in the grad student track, but also to develop facilitating skills and work with undergraduates as a mentor. Should you be selected as a facilitator you will be required to attend a 2-hour training on facilitating and the logistics of the event. Facilitators will receive a discount for the conference (you will only pay $10 as opposed to $25). 

Small group facilitators would be required to attend the training prior, as well as be present for the duration of the conference. Please see the attached schedule. 

If you are interested in participating please contact Angela Garcia, [log in to unmask] If you would like to attend but not be a facilitator, information and registration can be found here. Please help us spread the word of this great opportunity.