TO:         Associate Deans for Graduate Education, Graduate Coordinators, and Graduate staff

FROM:  The Graduate School

RE:         Graduate Student Appointments

Please check on all graduate assistant appointments recently processed in your Department.  For appointments processed at or near the various deadlines for Fall semester employment, a variety of factors may have delayed completion of HR and payroll processing activities.  As a consequence, some students who expected to be paid on Friday, September 6, 2013 did not receive their pay as planned.

If other elements of the process are in order, students facing these circumstances may be able to get an emergency check this Friday (September 13, 2013).  Requests for emergency checks should come from the Department and must be received by Payroll no later than 4:00 PM, Wednesday of this week (September 11, 2013).

We hope you will take steps to be sure if any of your graduate assistants are among those impacted by this situation and request emergency checks if that would be helpful.