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Hi everybody,

My group (and friends of my group) have been doing some networks outreach 
to schools in the UK for about a year and a half now.  The students are 
ages 13-16 but have especially focused on the younger parts of that 
because people specialize early in this country.

Our article describing our efforts (with supplementary materials of 
modules we developed) is now available in published-article format as a 
commentary in the journal _Network Science_:

(An older version was previously available on the arxiv.)

Thanks to several people on this mailing list who were editors and 
(presumably) referees for this perhaps unusual article.

Anyway, this e-mail is by way of saying that such things would be good to 
discuss further on the SOCnet mailing list --- I know outreach has 
occasionally been discussed in the past --- and I would be interested in a 
lively discussion on that and related topics.  I would also of course be 
interested in others adapting and improving our materials (and developing 
new stuff, obviously!), and I know there are e.g. a lot of different 
perspectives one can take on similar topics.

Probably less relevant to such a discussion (but I will mention 
this anyway, especially as I am e-mailing anyway) is the promotional 
video Oxford made to describe our outreach activities:

I don't yet know if I can show up to Sunbelt 2014 (mid Feb is bad timing 
for me), but I would also very much welcome in-person discussions there if 
I am able to make it.


  Mason A. Porter
  University Lecturer
  Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

  Twitter: @masonporter
  Skype: tepid451
  "Few things are deadlier than me armed with a red pen." (Me)

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