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Dear socnetters,

My co-author, Param Singh (CMU), and I just published a new study on social
networks and innovation adoption and diffusion in Information Systems

*Networks, social influence, and the choice among competing innovations:
Insights from open source software licenses*

Existing research provides little insight into how social influence affects
the adoption and diffusion of competing innovative artifacts and how the
experiences of organizational members who have worked with particular
innovations in their previous employers affect their current organizations'
adoption decision. We adapt and extend the heterogeneous diffusion model
from sociology and examine the conditions under which prior adopters of
competing open source software (OSS) licenses socially influence how a new
OSS project chooses among such licenses and how the experiences of the
project manager of a new OSS project with particular licenses affects its
susceptibility to this social influence. We test our predictions using a
sample of 5,307 open source projects hosted at SourceForge. Our results
suggest the most important factor determining a new project's license
choice is the type of license chosen by existing projects that are socially
closer to it in its inter-project social network. Moreover, we find that
prior adopters of a particular license are more infectious in their
influence on the license choice of a new project as their size and
performance rankings increase. We also find that managers of new projects
who have been members of more successful prior OSS projects and who have
greater depth and diversity of experience in the OSS community are less
susceptible to social influence. Finally, we find a project manager is more
likely to adopt a particular license type when his or her project occupies
a similar social role as other projects that have adopted the same license.
These results have implications for research on innovation adoption and
diffusion, open source software licensing, and the governance of economic

Here is a link:

If you cannot access the paper, please email me for a copy.



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