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Hello Socnet,

I am hoping that someone can advise me on how to merge nodes in UCINET. I have a network of environmental organizations that work together for various environmental restoration goals. My unit was the organization, so when conducting my network survey I contacted each organization and asked to be put in contact with someone who could represent the organizationís work. For several organizations (usually larger ones) I was told that I should speak to two (or in a few cases three) people. So I now need to merge these responses. How can I merge egos in UCINET? I have a staked data-set with 7 tie attributes (different restoration goals, frequency of interaction, plus some other metrics). Do I have to run a merge function for each attribute (e.g. restoration goal and frequency of interaction) or can this all be done as batch? Is it possible to specify the merge based on the mean, min, and max of a valued tie (basically so I can see how merging the data affects the analysis outcome)? If I have 10 pairs of 2 nodes to merge, and 2 pairs of 3 nodes to merge, can I merge these pairs in one step, or would I need to do the merge function 12 different times, once for each pair?

Any help or advice would be great.

Thank you

Jesse Sayles
PhD candidate
School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning
Arizona State University
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