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Hi everyone:

Consider presenting your work at the International Sociological Association World Congress in Yokohama.  Conference language is English.

I am organizing a session on community research (Research Committee 03).  

On-line abstracts submission
June 3, 2013, 11:00 GMT - September 30, 2013 24:00 GMT

Mito Akiyoshi
Department of Sociology
Senshu University

Social Network Resources and Community Inequalities: Global and Multilevel Perspectives
Session Organizer
Mito AKIYOSHI, Senshu University, Japan, [log in to unmask]

This session looks into theoretical and empirical issues surrounding the deployment of social network resources by communities in an increasingly globalizing world. Institutions such as governments, NGOs, and corporations have undergone phenomenal changes in the past thirty years generating and responding to global challenges. How do social network processes affect the operation of globalizing institutions? 

This session invites contributions that advance our understanding of the role of social networks in the transformation of various forms of inequality in the context of globalization. Possible exploratory questions include but are not limited to:
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