Hi all,


               What a difference day makes! Yesterday one of the highest
numbers of Blackburnian and Chestnut-sided Warblers ever seen in the area,
plus lesser numbers of others, were concentrated in the main campground.
Observers estimated a hundred or more. Lucy and I and Reinhard and Jutte
Geisler returned this morning and found not one Blackburnian or
Chestnut-sided! In fact, only a few Prairies and a Yellow were found. They
took off on low overcast skies and a light NE wind last night.


               One would think a few would  have used up enough fat reserves
on the way down so that they might hang around. Not even a sick bird? Well,
I guess that's a good thing and says something about health of those birds.
The Marine Forecast does not bode well for another front entering the area.
Looks like slim pickins for a while.


Bob Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the w. Panhandle

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