Hi all,


               The birds were flying last night. Rain during the early
morning hours put them down on a NE wind. Thanks to a call from Jerry
Callaway , around ten of us were lucky enough to get in on great warbler
birding at Ft. Pickens. One oak in particular at the main campground was a
warbler magnet. Around 20-30 warblers were in that locale. The Duncan tally
was 23 Neotropical migrants for the day at Pickens, including 13 warbler
species. Perhaps the best of the day were about 12 Blackburnians, though the
concentration and quantity was exhilarating. Brenda Callaway found a very
early Clay-colored Sparrow in the acacias inside the main fort. Rain cut
everyone's fun short after 11 a.m., and scattered drenched birders toward
cars and shelters. 

Winds are predicted to go E and SE tonight and birding should slow down.

               Back at home in Gulf Breeze, small groups of warblers are
busily feeding and moving through the oaks here in midafternoon, and blue
sky is trying to conquer the clouds.


Bob & Lucy Duncan

Gulf Breeze, in the w. Panhandle 

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