Hello BEST members and friends,

The Algae Biomass Summit, the worlds largest meeting of professionals merging the fields of research and commercialization, concluded today in Orlando. Over the past 4 days algae producers like Algenol, Sapphire, Heliae and more gathered to share advances, showcase industry innovations and stimulate the next wave of sustainable thinking. With talks ranging from technical advances in the genetic engineering of lipid producing algae strains to finding ways to encourage investors for start us companies, the ABS packed the week with presentations that appealed to a wide range of interests in the Algae arena. Headlining the biofuels sessions, Paul Wood of Algenol showcased a reactor design that claims to produce up to 10,000 gallons of biofuel per acre of algae. While scaling up was the common theme among most researchers, many  lab scale advances presented at the conference showed promise in optimizing algae applications for biofuels. As the industry continues to advance in a landscape where government financial support is uncertain, it is critical for these companies and researchers to make connections, share ideas and maintain progress that has been facilitated by the ABS.

Thanks for your time,

Tommie Brent Lovato
University Scholar,  University of Florida

Algae Biomass Organization