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Dear All,
I hope this Email finds you well!

I'm Mehrdad, a third year PhD student in Industrial Engineering at Iran 
University of science and technology (IUST).

I am interested on social network analysis, hence I've started to work on
them for the PhD research. Regarding lack of good relevant courses in 
Iran, I took the on-line courses of professor Adamic and professor Kearns

I prepared a problem statement for my thesis and attached it here. In
this report, I have been trying to conduct a research in which the 
relation between the position of individuals within a social network and 
their psychological status can be studied and analyzed. The main problem 
is how can I diffuse more and more Text Massage thought the network? ie,
I want to develop an optimization mathematical model for maximizing the 
diffusion of SMS. 

The data has been collected from a unisex university. The research aim
and questions are explained in the report in more detail.

I would appreciate if you could have a look at the report and give me
your invaluable opinion and comments and If you could accept me to come 
there and work under your supervision as a visitor.

Regarding this report I am recommended by Profesor Hanneman (University
of California Riverside) and you can ask him about my performance.

BTW, I did uploaded my CV and report in www.

you can download them through the following link;


Thanks for your kind and generous mentions. 
I am keenly looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Mehrdad Kermani
PhD Candidate of Industrial Engineering
Iran University of Science and Technology

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