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Exactly Guy!

We can display hundreds of colors on nodes and links... but, so what!  The old 7+/- 2 rule works well... and that is for the combo of node/link/hi-lite colors.  We can do more mathematically than we can understand visually.  

Another factor is the audience... are they network thinkers/perceivers?  We SOCNET members can probably see more in a network diagram than the common person... keep it simple.  We show various simple slices of the whole plus the one complex overall picture.

Valdis Krebs
Twitter: orgnet

On Oct 9, 2013, at 1:29 AM, Guy Melanšon wrote:

...but then there is a clear perception issue: just how many colors can a user usefully distinguish. I fear this might be around 7 - 10 

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