Page 233 has a great account of issues regarding Formal Closure, Partial Inactivity, Dormancy, and Cessation of Work.  It isn't a form nor is it a checklist, but I believe it is a good guide and may assist you in creating such a checklist.

We don't have a form or checklist.  Here is our procedure:

Archival Timetable
To avoid the buildup of inactive materials on the shelves, follow this timeline for archiving throughout the year.

1) Anytime you ask an attorney if a file is ready to be sent off-site, and they say not yet, set yourself a reminder.  The best way to do this is in Records Manager with the Tickler function.  Please see the Records Webpage for the procedure on ‘Assigning Ticklers.’

2)  When you receive notification that a file is ready to be sent off-site, notify other offices if they have any files for this same client/matter.  

3)  Keep an eye out for client/matters that you notice have not produced a lot of activity recently and could potentially be sent off-site, when refilling.  In larger offices, have those in charge of a particular area or range alert Offsite Clerks if they see such files.  

1)  A Closed Matter Report of all matters closed in the previous month by accounting will be generated and circulated throughout the Records Department.  All attorneys will receive notice that the files for these closed matters will be sent off-site unless the Records Department is otherwise notified.  

2)  Run a monthly report of materials that have been inactive for three years through Records Manager, and remove these materials from the shelf if possible.  Make sure that most, if not all files for this client/matter are on your list and that they have no recent correspondence.  If all files are not on the list, check the circulation dates on those that are missing to see if maybe they were on the list the previous month, or will be on the next list.  If these circulation dates are close to the time period you are searching for, send these to off-site storage as well.  

This process should begin immediately upon the completion of the initial Quality Circle pull.  So for instance, if your initial list included materials three years or older from February 28, 2005 and back, your first monthly list will show materials that are now three years old as of March 30, 2005.  

When running this report you will select:	
	a) Your Office (Office Code)
	b) The dates you are searching (Last Used)
c)  The file locations in your office.  (i.e. if you keep letter and legal length files in different sections, you would include both of these locations under ‘Current Location.’)



1)  At the end of the year send out notification that all undated HB files identified under client #1 will be sent off-site unless the Records Department is instructed otherwise.  This will include files from the different firm departments and attorney personal files.  

2)  Send all HB files under client #1 off-site if they are two years or older.  For example in January 2009, all files dated 2007 will be sent off-site.  Remember for some of the attorneys who have been with the firm for a long time, their personal files may not be under client #1, but they may have their own client number.  (i.e. Client- 15587- Joyce Dixon)

3)  Run a list of all files for closed matters that are still on the shelved in the Records Center.  Send notification to the responsible attorneys that unless otherwise notified, these files will be sent off-site.  

David B. Steward
Director of Records
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Thanks David,

I believe I do have this, but it is in storage until I locate a permanent residence here in Portland.  Does it contain relevant information on closing legal records?  Basically should I buy another copy since I can't get into storage yet. 20 Boxes of Records Management related books and resources.  Viva la hoarders.

Thom Souza, CRM
Nike, Inc. 
Portland OR
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