Hi all,


At last, that premiere migrant/vagrant trap, Ft. Pickens, is open again!
From Gulf Breeze we can look across the bay and see cars lined up at the
entrance station. The great fear was that the remnants of TS Karen might
have washed the road out and the Park Service would have to shore it up,
causing more delays. Not so.


And now a front has passed through the area with N winds and clearing skies,
opening up the way for more incoming winter visitors and what's left of
Neotropical migrants to our north. This is not a strong front but winds are
predicted to remain NW to NE through the weekend with a reinforcing front
due Sat. night with increasing winds. It's time to go birding!


Don't forget about the F.M. Weston Audubon Society's Dauphin Island field
trip this Saturday, Oct. 19. Meet at 7:30 a.m. in the Publix parking lot on
the corner of Nine Mile road and Pine Forest Road, or at 8:30 in Daphne in
the parking lot behind the Shell gas station that overlooks the bay (This is
Alabama Coastal Birding Trail site #25). Bring a picnic lunch and drinks for
the day, or plan to pick up a sandwich at the Lighthouse Bakery or or
bar-b-que at The Pink Pig elsewhere on the island. Expect moderate walking,
some of which is in sand. Bring Bug juice (repellant), sunscreen and a hat.
You will have the option of driving back to Pensacola via the interstate or
riding the ferry to Ft. Morgan (weather permitting; $16/car + driver and
$4.50 for each additional passenger, plus an entrance fee to Ft. Morgan). 


Bob and Lucy Duncan

Gulf Breeze in the w. Panhandle

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