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the iSchool at Télécom Bretagne (France) is hiring a senior associate 
professor in MMI / interfaces in the LUSSI departement, Full time.

Contact: Yvon Kermarrec <[log in to unmask]>

Courses can be taugh in English.
Application before January, 3, 2014


- development of research and academic activities in the domain of Man 
Machine Interactions: modeling, design and evaluation  of new 
interactions paradigms
- coordination  and scientific  animation  of the  ATOL laboratory : 
the lab focuses on mission systems and involves the French Naval 
Academy, Thales Systèmes Aéroportés, Thales Underwater Systems
- extension of the technical platform  of ATOL and contribution to its 
development in conjunction with the partners
- Capitalization of the R&D  results
     	- integration and  valorization  through  scientific  publication
	- technology transfers
	- proposals of  R&D programs and development of the national and 
international cooperation

Teaching activities:
- Teaching in the Computer Science domain in the various academic 
programs of  Télécom Bretagne
- development of new courses and curricula in the Man Machine 
Interactions domain.
- supervizion of student projects and internships

Research activities:
contributions and development of  R&D activities in the domain of Man 
Machine Interfaces and novel Interactions.
elaboration and submission of R&D projects
coordination  of the team  (faculties, PhD students and research 
engineers )
-  diffusion / valorization  of the results

Maître de Conférences / Associate Professor.
LUSSI - iSchool, [log in to unmask] Institut TELECOM Bretagne & UEB
In charge of the Master "Information Systems Project Management and 
Skype: Nicolas.Jullien1
Tel +33 (0) 229 001 245
TELECOM Bretagne, Technopôle Brest Iroise CS 83818

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