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A Survey on Routing and Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks
Behrouz Jedari and Feng Xia
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, accepted for publication

Abstract— Opportunistic mobile social networks (MSNs) are modern paradigms of delay tolerant networks that consist of mobile users with social characteristics. The users in MSNs communicate with each other to share data objects among users. In this setting, humans are the carriers of mobile devices, so their social features such as movement patterns, similarities, and interests can be exploited to design efficient data forwarding algorithms. In this paper, a comparative survey of routing and data dissemination issues in opportunistic MSNs with a focus on (1) MSN characteristics, (2) human mobility models, (3) dynamic community detection methods, and (4) routing and data dissemination protocols are elaborated. Firstly, characteristics of MSNs which lead to the exposure of patterns of interaction among mobile users are explored. Secondly, properties of human mobility models are discussed and recently proposed mobility models are surveyed. Thirdly, community detection and evolution analysis algorithms are investigated. Finally, a comparative review of unprecedented routing and data dissemination algorithms in MSNs is presented. Furthermore, some new data forwarding techniques with respect to context-awareness, user selfishness and incentive schemes are addressed. To conclude, some open issues are discussed.


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