Hello BESTers,

Solving our food waste problem will not only require social change but 
advances in technology as well.  This week I have an article about 
research out of Ireland on developing a plasma technology that kills 
food spoilage microorganisms at room temperature.  The goal of this 
technology is to extend the shelf-life of food, particularly for 
packaged produce, which is particularly susceptible to spoilage and 
waste.  It has the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of 
shipping the produce, because slower, more efficient transportation 
methods can be used.  While it is ideal to eat fresh, local, seasonal 
food and only buy want you need, in a global food economy supporting 
over 7 billion people, this isn't always feasible.  Therefore, any 
advances that extend the shelf-life and reduce spoilage of food should 
be considered as one of the many tools to reduce and eventually 
eliminate food waste.

Have a great weekend,


Irish researchers bite back in battle against food waste
Irish Independent
Darragh McCullough
December 5, 2013