Dear BEST Members and Friends,

In an attempt to make good on his promises to combat climate change, President Obama released an Executive order on 12/06 that mandated the Federal Government triple the use of renewable energy by 2022. The executive order will effect all branches of the Federal Government, including the military which has already established itself as a proponent and innovator in the realm of renewables. While the Executive Order did not include many details regarding the transition, it did limit the order to accomplishing what was feasible technologically and economically. Also as noted in the article, several Army bases have found that implementing more sustainable practices save money, and likely many of the initiatives to satisfy the executive order will follow in the mindset of conservation of water and energy. Hopefully, despite a divisive political atmosphere in Washington, real and effective energy solutions can be produced that truly make an impact on climate change.

Thank you, take care, and good luck on finals to my fellow students,

Brent Lovato
University Scholar - College of Agriculture and Life Science

Obama Executive Order: Federal Government Must Triple Renewable Energy In 7 Years
Emily Atkin