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Alternative Fuels America has started a tree phase trial to test out its seed-to-fuel method developed for converting Jatropha seeds into biodiesel. Jatropha is a hearty oil crop that does not compete with human food sources, and also has a high durability against draught periods and insects. By running these trials, AFA is attempting to fine tune their method in an effort to produce high quality biofuel that is usable by current infrastructure. Not mentioned in the article, but certainly within the scope of sustainable biofuels, the cellulosic material from the jatropha is  a candidate for ethanol production. Marrying the two biofuels and processes could help to produce a more economically viable product that can compete for fossil fuels and help both industries get their foot in the door in the energy market. 

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Brent Lovato
University Scholar, College of Agriculture and Life Science, UF

Dec 11, 2013

Alternative Fuels Americas Initiates Jatropha Based Biofuel Production Trials