12,000 Btu's is equal to 3.5 kW-hrs or roughly $0.30. Not the big savings area. Driving to another location would consume much more energy.

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Hello BEST Members and Friends, and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

As we enter the Holiday Season, energy is consumed traveling to see relatives, decorating with lights, and heating homes filled with families, but one data set from one energy efficiency noted that Thanksgiving energy costs are lower than usual average for the season! With many families gathering into one location, many homes are left locked and secure with lights and heating turned off, saving a gigantic average of 12,000 Btu per household.

The DOE also has offered up tips for saving energy, including paying a little extra for more energy efficient light bulbs (almost 75% more energy efficient) and celebrating with friends in family in the same community,  limiting the long, expensive trips out of town.Though consumerism and traveling are hallmark for this time of year, we can all embrace some sustainable holiday practices and make sure that trees and wreaths are not the only thing green this holiday season.

Take care, and have a joyous begin to the Holidays!

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