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Dear Dave & friends,


Thank you for your season's greetings. Enjoy the tube feet of your great grandson and get prepared for when he develops a nice velum;-)


Please find our best wishes in attached.


All the very best from a stormy Belgium - Yves & co

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Dear Colleagues,

We could do no better than echo Ahmed's sentiments, and we send best wishes to y'all.  We trust that 2014 will be a grand year for you, filled with lots of confusing holothurians!  Doris and I are preoccupied at present with our nine-months-old great grandson who, given his ability to rapidly move in any direction, may prove to be covered in tube feet.  Sometime soon we need to be looking at a few echinoderms, but at the moment there are other priorities...

 All the best, and we hope to see many of you during 2014.  Cheers, Doris and Dave Pawson

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Dear Ahmed and Rasida

and many happy returns to you.



On 25/12/13 1:28 AM, Ahmed Thandar wrote:
Dear Aspidolisters
We wish all of you the best for the holiday season and hope it will be a time of joy and peace for each of you and that you have a chance for rest and reflection as you look forward to the New Year ahead. Let's be thankful for all we have achieved in 2013 and come back with renewed optimism and confidence for 2014 and all the challenges and opportunities that it holds.
Ahmed & Rasida Thandar

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