GARC members:

If you would like to help track the satellites for the UF Small Sat club,
we encourage you to read up on the manual for the software and then do pass
predictions to determine when the satellites are coming.

Here's the Intro to GNES - the Gator Nation Earth Station @ W4DFU.

The rest of the manuals and information can be found here:

You can hear some of the satellites portable.  Videos are available showing
how to do this:

Use our W4DFU GNES SAT station primer as an aide for getting on the air.
Review it and our online videos then go the station to learn, practice, and
make two way contacts (QSOs) with other hams. Have fun!

Remember --

   - Must be licensed to operate
   - Rules and Regulations must be followed
   - Frequencies are coordinated and shared with other satellites that are
   in different orbits
   - Low Earth Sun-Synchronous Polar Orbits make for about 4 ten to fifteen
   minute passes a day at our Latitude
   - SwampSat is not in a polar orbit so the pass is only 2-3 minutes of
   good signal
   - There are usually only 1 or 2 good passes in daylight for SwampSat
   each day
   - Ground stations for our purposes need to be computer driven (be
   familiar with SATPC32)

Jeff, W4UFL

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