Hello everyone,
  Congratulations to everyone who just finished the fall semester! Now I 
would like to give everyone a little something to think about over the 
break. I am organizing for us to travel to the Orlando HamCation taking 
place February 7-9. HamCation is the 2nd largest amateur radio event in 
the US. Radio enthusiasts from all over go to Orlando to show off their 
equipment, check out the equipment of other hams, and even to sell. 
Representatives from radio companies and the ARRL also attend and set up 
booths for demonstrations and other things.

The plan is to attend on either Friday (the 7th) or Saturday (the 8th). 
Early registration for the event costs $12 and enters you into a drawing 
to win a Kenwood TM-V71A Dual Band Transceiver. We are also planning on 
renting a van through the university and I will have the cost for that 
soon (the more of us that go, the less contribution we would need per 
person for rental fee).

Attached are the pages of a brochure I got in the mail for HamCation 
and you can also go to the website at

If you are interested in going to HamCation, send me an email.

--Moises Rivero, KK4ABK

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