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Many CITASA and SOCNET folks have met Prof Kakuko Miyata (Meiji Kakuin 
University) over the years.

I deeply regret that she died yesterday after a long bout with cancer.
We knew it was coming, but still is a shock.

Miyata-sensei was an early social network analyst in Japan and probably 
the first to study the internet and society, with an article in 
Haythornthwaite-Wellman, The Internet in Everyday Life.

She also collaborated with many NetLabbers a decade ago:

Barry Wellman, Anabel Quan-Haase, Jeffrey Boase, Wenhong Chen, Keith 
Hampton, Isabel Diaz de Isla and Kakuko Miyata. 2003. "The Social 
Affordances of the Internet for Networked Individualism." Journal of 
Computer Mediated Communication 8, 3 (April):

Prof Miyata spent a fair amount of time in North America, based at the 
Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto, between 
2002 and 2005. She also was a wonderful host to me, Bev Wellman, Bonnie 
Erickson and Jeff Boase.

She and her students were currently writing an article for the special 
issue on Social Networks of East Asia of the American Behavioral 
Scientist. I hope that they will finish it as a memorial to her.

In addition to her achivements, we will remember Kakuko for the depth of 
her character, her wonderful smile, and her wisdom. In all senses, she was 
one of the loveliest persons I have ever met.

We all LOVED Kakuko. And will never forget her.

She leaves behind her daughter Maki Ikeda, finishing her doctorate in 
social psychology, and her long time spouse, political scientist Ken'ichi 

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