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> Good Day,
> All things being equal where would you like your career or job be
> located(city, state, country or status quo)? State of denial is not an
> option.
>  Cheers,

"All Things Being Equal, I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia..."

Wow, did someone REALLY say that??  No knock on Philly, but it wouldn't be
even NEAR the top of my list.

I'd think the answer/s to this would be wide and varied, as most of us are
in different stages of our 'careers' and depending on if you are seeking
your zenith or slowing your roll, you'd have pretty drastically different

Where (physically)?  I'm fine with Nor Cal, but I've been here the vast
majority of my life, am about to pay off my home, and my children are
essentially raised... one out of college, considering Grad school still;
one with 2 yrs to go.

After I'm done, if I decide to do some sporadic consulting (again) I don't
think where I'm based will matter much... but if I WERE to decide on a new
location, I'd consider Portland or the area surrounding (but not in)

If money were no object? Lisbon, or the outskirts of Rome, or Maui.

Where (organizationally)? I'd prefer to see the RM Program located in
Compliance or Legal, as opposed to a Business Operations setting.  And I'd
prefer to see it thought of as Information Asset Management more than
"Records" Management.  Don't get me started on Governance- that's a manner
of doing things, it's not a term that should be tied to the "naming" of a

What (programmatically)? Once Senior Management (of ANY organization)
understands the benefits of compliance with requirements for managing
information consistently and decrees that it shall be done (and provides
adequate funding to achieve this lofty goal)... the sky is the limit.

Obviously, if your program has been assessed across the organization, and
you've identified 'gaps', the goal should be to draw a line in the sand,
change those weak areas going forward, then establish a process for
"sweeping up after the elephants" to clean up the mess behind that line.
Training is paramount, but not until you have determined the state of the
existing staff and where their weaknesses are in meeting goals.  Once you
get your ducks in a row, maintenance and regular assessments, making minor
adjustments whee needed... until things function smoothly.  There will
always be a need to keep abreast of regulations, requirements and ensure
your organization remains compliant.  And to keep an eye on technology, and
make changes to take advantage of how it can best serve your program's
needs. BUT... not let it make you lose sight of the objectives.

Denial? No, that's a river in Egypt... I don't intend to spend much time in

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*Lawrence J. Medina Danville, CARIM Professional since 1972*

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