I,too, clip segments of posts together into a document for reference on a 
topic. These I keep only for my own reference. If I were to publish 
something from them, I would add as footnotes or endnotes citations for 
the List in general, and a citation for each post, with author (poster's 
name) etc. straight from the Little, Brown Handbook. I would consider the 
act of posting to a public forum as permission to use. In publishing 
academic papers, one does not seek the permission from authors for citing 
their works in your paper, one does, however, give proper credit through 
citations in footnotes and endnotes.

I have not, however, specifically looked for guidance on this from the 
List Moms, who might be the best people to address this question. If I 
ever actually want to publish something, I would seek their opinion first.

(How are those big hounds doing? Not still jumping into the FedEx truck, I 

Gary Link 
Pittsburgh, PA
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