On some of the threads we have created, they lead to the development of a White Paper if you thread them all together.

Is it wrong or unfair to take the various responses, rework them so they pieces fit to make it all part of a bigger white paper?  Should one ask the poster’s for approval, if you rework the language and fit them as pieces of large paper.

I liked the discussion Gary Link started on the Perfect World Vital Records discussion. Fred Grevin posted as did David Steward. The ideas would be exact but the language might be retooled to make it fit in a bigger paper.  

This was a great topic as I often receive a call when the “Perfect World Scenario” meets the “Perfect Storm real life event.” The fundamentals of what you need to do was described in that discussion.  I would not include names as that can create issues for people who are not permitted to be quoted in public forums.

The whole value of this symposium is education so is using bits and pieces of it, if reworked so it is not word for word permissible by the intent of the Listserve? The original concepts are the Listserve’s not the white paper writer’s.

I wanted to apply a Maslow’s Pyramid and then a Reaper’s Curve to it.  The Reaper Curve is often used to explain the lifespan of a record versus its useful rate of reference. The Maslow would show the likelihood of occurrence versus the cost/damage of the individual event.  But the basis of it is in Gary Link’s discussion.  What do you think?

How many of us copy and save brilliant points from this source?  I do it all the time.

I did not see it in Peter’s RAIN yet but I read on Bing last night that a huge hack of FACEBOOK exposed millions of passwords.  The writer said the effects could be monumental as it is a massive Identity Theft that exposes other passwords, portals into other sites and opens a door to people’s smart phones, iPad, computers and other undefined situations.

The smallest bits of information can open doors that no one ever thinks about. I would caution records managers to submit a memo to Legal coming out against BYOD and digital cameras in the corporate environment as a real security risk.  It will be read and filed.  But when a big disaster comes your way, just pull out your memo from December of 2013 and remind them who was the first to sound the warning on this foolhardy practice.  “BYOD....Harrooomph” reference Major Hoople cartoon character.  At least that is what I project he would say if the esteemed Major Hoople was still being published. (He looked a little like my Dad.)  ;~)

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