Stopped by Robert White Williams Birding Trail this afternoon and got my
FOS Golden-crowned Kinglets. I actually heard them last week, but did not
feel confident enough to record them until I could see them today.
(Sometimes their thin, high-pitched "See, see, see" reminds me of a really
week Black-and-white Warbler call). The Solitary Sandpiper is also
continuing. Here's a link to my eBird checklist:

Also stopped by Lake Elberta after work really quick following Elliot
Schunke's report of a Greater Scaup. I easily located the drake associating
with a group of Lesser Scaup. Head color could not really be discerned due
to cloud cover, but its larger size compared to other drake lessers and the
steeper forehead were obvious. This is a pretty rare sighting for Leon
County, so be sure to pick it up while it remains in town. I also saw a
beaver swimming around in the lake! Here's my checklist:

Never not birding,

Rob Lengacher
Tallahassee, FL

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